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Gender Male
Industry Education
Occupation Provost, RK University, Rajkot, India
Location Rajkot, Gujarat, India
Introduction The journey began in the 1970s to the present world. Life's changed a lot since the 1970s of my early childhood in simple Indian semi-rural-semi-urban landscape to mid-life blues of our present time when I have crossed 40. From simple vernacular Government controlled radio to Internet... globalization…climate change…increasing income divergence…terrorism. In May 2006, I lost all my investments in stock-derivatives, and as some people never learn, the act repeated again in October 2008. I thought them huge losses till I lost my wife the next month (November’08). Good that a bigger loss makes one realize the futility of smaller earlier losses. Yet to cope with the last incident...she was my inspiration for nearly 20 years. God bless your soul – D. With a young lovely son of 11, I have been trying to get back to life (with mixed confusing feelings) - living by the day.
Interests Evolution of Education/Higher Education/Indian Education in view of Internet & ICTs (since taking up additional academic administration responsibilities). Others include geopolitics, economics, sustainability, human civilization and its progress, financial markets. Since 2008, spending time (on a futile area) to understand death better - with help of Physics and Philosophy.
Favorite Movies Sholay...nothing now or better to put it up everything now that I see seriously.
Favorite Music Tagore songs, instrumental soothing ones, Kishore, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd and that lot...again nothin particular now barring some songs (like tears in heaven, karoge yaad to...)
Favorite Books Tintin and Asterix comics, Maupassant, but do I indeed read other than that on the net (& morning papers), my eight year Son now browses and knows more of Tintin and Asterix. That's next gen for us...reading at times with my son. And unfortunately there are times when I scold him, lose patience for not reading enough.

What reason do you have to believe the earth is flat?

What we ‘see’ can be so misleading when truth is found, if, the ultimate truth, ever is found. Aristotle believed in geo-centric world, that belief remained with us for two thousand years. Common sense, uncommon as it is, can be misleading too...on a different context, my life is now influenced by Socrates' belief that the unexamined life is not worth living, it's not worth suffering either.